Sell your templates

By uploading your template you will be eligible to join our Creative Affiliates program. Simply upload your created template(s) and associated files (.EMU file, image files, mapping, and descriptions) into the Emulator 2 software. Once your template has been received please allow us 48-72 hours to review and test your creative designs. We will then contact you by email and provide additional information for the next steps. Submit Yours Today and receive the following: Broadcast of your self-made template on our Social Media platforms, Unique SKU Number for each template submitted, 70/30 profit opportunities & personal profile for easy submission of all future templates.

The profit breakdown is simple. Prices of each template are created by you and must be at the amount of at least $3. The decision in your pricing can be as simple or complex as you’d like. Our Touch Innovations created templates are priced based on complexity, usability, design, pages, mappings and more. We allow you, the product owner, to decide the pricing of your creative works.

Join the Touch Innovations Creative Affiliates program now and start sharing your creative multi-touch templates for your favorite software.

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