Snow Template

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2 Decks DJ Template, 1920×1080 resolution.

$4.00 / month

Sold By: Touch Innovations

Product Description

Winter is upon us. Enjoy this interactive snowy template with it’s circular loop layout, falling snow visuals and much more. Designed for Traktor Pro 2, this template offers a unique DJing experience with a deep & light blue color palette.

Compatible with:
All ELITE models.
PC running MS Windows 8 or newer build.
Apple computer running Yosemite or newer build.
KS1974 MS Windows only.

Resolution 1920X1080.
Traktor 2 software.

Upon purchasing your template, you will NOT be required to own Emulator 2 software in order to use.
Your template will work “as is”.

Follow the steps below to begin using your template.

1. Download Emulator 2 & Install.
2. Launch Emulator 2 and Login with your username and password.
3. Click/Press SYNC. TEMPLATES to populate your available templates.

Template created by Touch Innovations.