About us

About Touch Innovations

The Touch Innovations headquarters is located in the heart of Miami, FL where their expert team of specialists work with the latest touch technology in both physical hardware and cutting edge software.

Touch Innovations entered the electronic music industry in 2009 with one purpose – to give DJs and Producers the tools they need to create, express and explore new musical possibilities. Since then, Touch Innovations products have become a fixture for DJs and Producers that want to set themselves apart both in studio and on stage. The refinement of digital touch screen technology has become the building block of today’s most popular consumer hardware. However, only Touch Innovations has brought that technology successfully to the performance/producing artist.

The uniqueness of the Emulator software has forever changed the way modern music is created and performed by enabling “touch” to become the basis for composition and performance. Touch Innovations stands at the forefront of touch technology and remains one of the most influential manufacturers of musical equipment of the last 10 years.

Touch Innovations prides itself on creating unique experiences for multi-touch users and will continue paving new roads for DJs, producers and musicians. They will also explore new markets and areas that touch technologies have not been embraced.