Jay Frog

Jay Frog


You could say the foundations for Jay’s musical vocation were laid when he took Flute and Xylophone lessons at an extremely tender age, before progressing to drums and electric guitar, which resulted in a thankfully brief flirtation with heavy metal. He ultimately decided trance/hard trance/techno was more his style, leading him to where he is today.

Early in his career, he met up with the producer of Turrican, Chris Hülsbeck at a trade fair, an encounter, which would lead to them partnering in the studio. Busy sampling and arranging anything that he could get his hands on, it wasn’t long before his production work started taking off with remixes for the likes of Kosmonova, Ayla, Sash!, Yello, Sweetbox, La Bouche and Doug Laurent amongst others .

Soon he was working with Talla 2XLC, Miss Thunderpussy, and highly respected labels such as Tracid Traxxx and Blutonium. The remix work continued to flood in, bringing Flutlicht’s classic Icarus (The Flight), and Ratty’s – Living on Video in his direction.

Having delivered several tracks under various Aliases, Pushin’ produced under his own name, gave him a hit on the Dance charts. Just a beginning, later productions were going to see him hit the major charts in a big way worldwide.

Not content with Dj’ing and producing, Jay successfully branched out into radio. Familiar with the listeners of Sunshine Live, his feel for music has allowed him to seamlessly cross over to house, resulting in a weekly house oriented show for German Radio

It’s hard to believe Jay started Dj’ing in a dancing school, which not surprisingly he left, as his techno/trance/hard trance style was not admired by the chart demanding punters. No problems of an unappreciative audience these days, as he’s found out playing alongside the likes of Scot Project and performing at events such as Love Parade. As well as being a favourite on the German club scene, he has played all over the world, including Taiwan, Japan, Africa, Russia, Dubai, the U.S, Ibiza, Ireland, Austria, Poland, and too many other European locations to mention.

In 2004/2005, one of London’s new events chose his trance mixes for their promotional CDs. Given out to members and on the nights, it was critical the music should speak for itself, no judgements, no prejudices it should be the sound that was all-important. These 60 minutes represented what they wanted to say about their club, and they had to be so hot people would beat down the doors to find out who was behind them. Designed to create a stir and generate interest, they did just that.

Knowing how the trance, hard trance and house scene works Jay constantly strives to bring his unique style to a wider audience. An absolute crowd pleaser, he’s an ultimate showman always able to read and work a club, displaying an total connection with the audience. Definitely not a DJ you can ever accuse of playing to the decks and not the floor. There is never anything less than 110% commitment during his sets. Active and reactive he certainly has his finger on the pulse of the people and its normally driving the pulse rate upwards.

2006, sees Jay emerging onto new frontiers, which will undoubtedly bring further success on top of that he has already enjoyed.