Deep Zone Project

Deep Zone Project


Making music and history since the beginning of the new millenium, Deep Zone Project is one of Europe’s favorite and most innovative pop/dance live projects over the last years. Voted “Best Group”, “Best Track”, “Best Album”, “Best Club Track”, MTV Chart toppers, “Best Remix”, BG Eurovision 2008 Winners and many more awards. Formed by three musicians, DJ’s and studio engineers, recognized in Eastern Europe for their successful pop/dance hits and classy dancefloor anthems, Deep Zone are also one of the best remix artists, working with various music stars and talents all over the world.

The actual members of Deep Zone Project are:
Nelina (Vocal)
DJ Dian Solo (3 times voted “Best DJ / Producer” in 1998, 2006, 2011),
JuraTone (guitars),
Guest musician:
Svetlin Kuslev (Star Light) (sax, keyboards)

Here’s some countries and cities where Deep Zone have presented their Live Show and DJ sets in CLUBS, TV’s, FESTIVALS & CONCERTS:
USA (New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Cape Cod), Canada (Monteal, Toronto), China (all major cities – 2 club tours), UK (London), Brasil (Cuiaba, Sao Paulo), Portugal (Libanon), Tyrkey (Istanbul), Ukraine (Kiev), Romania (Bucharest), Cyprus (Limassol), Malta, Serbia (Belgrad), Greece (Athens), Cyprus to name a few.
For more actual news, pics, vides & music, please visit Deep Zone’s official Facebook page.

In the year of 2012 Deep Zone has signed to one of the most important romanian labels – ROTON (Inna, Akcent, Radio Killer etc.).

That’s how two hits were born: “I Love My DJ” (winner – “Best DJ Track Of The Year 2012”) and our current single – “Made For Loving You”.
These songs & videos were distributed internationally to all Roton’s parthners and in some of the terrotories the songs has reached the major Top 10 charts.
Right now Deep Zone are focused on new production and remixes, also traveling around the Globe presenting their NEW CLUB SHOW (High Quality Club Dance Music – performed Live in a spectacular way).