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Touch Screen Overlays from Touch Innovations, Part II

Touch Innovations is proud to provide our clients with some of the best products in the industry. From our high quality DJ controllers to our studio tools like the Kontrol Master, Touch Innovations takes your application of choice and provides you with the tools you need to not only move forward, but do so in a way that is incredibly efficient and user friendly. To learn more about our high quality DJ controllers and other tools for musicians and producers, contact Touch Innovations today.

In part one of our blog series, we looked into some of the specifics of our new touch screen overlays. These are a fantastic and affordable way to take your existing screens and turn them into a touch screen workstation. Continuing on, here’s a more in depth look at our new touch screen overlays.


Our high quality overlays are not only affordable, but they’re also customizable! For those of you who are in need of all the advantages that having a touch screen can provide you, but don’t want to invest in an entirely separate product for simply this purpose, our top quality overlays are perfect. Not only are they incredibly affordable, but they offer an amount of convenience and customizability, making them even more of a value. Depending on your application for it, you can customize our overlay to fit your exact preferences. No need to settle for something that’s pretty much what you need; our overlays are customizable to the point where you can set its preferences to fit and function exactly as you need it to. Make it entirely yours without breaking the bank!


As with everything we offer here at Touch Innovations, we’re committed to providing our customers with the absolute best in customer service and satisfaction. Are you reluctant to purchase one of our high quality overlays, uncertain as to whether or not you’ll be able to get the hang of setup and application? No problem at all! The experienced professionals here at Touch Innovations are skilled with all of our products, overlays included. You can contact us via our live chat or telephone, and one of our employees will be able to help guide you through the entire process, helping you understand the ins and outs of your new screen overlay.

Get The Most Out Of Your Belongings

For those of you who are interested in getting the most out of your belongings, our screen overlays are perfect! While you may not want to invest in an entirely separate touch screen to use for your presentations, visual art or otherwise, the technology is incredibly useful and impressive when presented to an audience of people. Your desire to keep your possessions to a minimum doesn’t have to sacrifice because of this, though! Our incredibly user friendly screen overlays are designed to work with virtually any screen surface you have, be it computer monitor, television or otherwise. Think of it less as its own object and more of an accessory that you use in tandem with your screen of choice, thereby maximizing the functionality and use of items that you already own.

Those are just a few more bits of helpful information about our fantastic new touch screen overlays. Easily adaptable, incredibly user friendly, easy to set up and customizable, our touch screen overlays are perfect for creatives, executives and beyond. Touch Innovations is proud to provide all these clients and more with the best products possible, helping them make the most of their desired application. Whether you’re looking to impress higher ups in an important business meeting, hold your students’ attention in a large lecture hall or make the most of your existing screens, our touch screen overlays are an easy and affordable way to do so. To learn more about our touch screen overlays as well as DJ controllers and DAW controllers, get in touch with us today!