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Everyday Tips for Live Performance

Touch Innovations is committed to providing our clients with the absolute best in DJ mixing software, music workstations and beyond. Whether you spend most of your time in the studio, on stage or somewhere in between, our products are designed with the working musician in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our groundbreaking products, like the Elite Controller, Kontrol Master and more!

In this blog post, we’ll look at a few simple and easy things that you do to help make your live sets their absolute best.

Interact With Your Audience

A live performance should be about more than music. Whether you’re an electronic artist, DJ or other sort of music maker, people come to see you expecting more than simply music. One of the big keys to a live performance has to do with energy, and in the case of a live performance, energy is a two way street. The audience and performer feed off the energy that one gives the other, and on nights when it’s working, it can make for a truly fun and memorable performance. While no one has complete control over how a performance will end up going, avoiding your audience entirely is one way to ensure that you won’t reach your performance’s full potential. Without the audience, you would have no one to perform for. Whether you’re DJing, performing original material or otherwise, interacting with your audience will not only show them that you appreciate them being there, it will also provide you with a source of energy to feed off of, and vice versa.

Do More Than Just Perform

Again, live performance is about more than just music. If people were expecting simply music, why would they come to see you? They could simply stay home and stream your music online or make their own playlist and party with their friends at home. Part of performance has to do with going above and beyond, and while interacting with your audience is a good place to start, your performance shouldn’t end there. If you’re DJing, how are you choosing to provide your audience with something that they can’t get elsewhere? Is it by playing rare and/or obscure records? Is it by doing live remixes before their eyes? Is it in how you choose to visually represent your music or performance? People go out to have experiences, and music can be a great catalyst for this. Touch Innovations has a variety of products to help you satisfy this need, from our impressive and dazzling Elite Controller to our even more advanced XG system. Give your audience more than just a simple performance with cutting-edge DJ and live performance technology from Touch Innovations.

You Made an Impact

There’s a rather significant chance that you are not the only performer of your kind in your city. The accessibility of the internet and affordability of software and hardware based performance options have made it possible for more people than ever to get into the world of DJing, electronic music production and live performance. While this isn’t meant to discourage you by any means, it should make you think —what am I doing to stand apart from my contemporaries? If people have a choice to go to just one performance on a Friday, you should be doing everything you can to make it where seeing your performance is without question. Doing more than simply performing and interacting with your audience is key, and all of these things working together, as well as you conducting yourself in a way that’s both professional and respectable, can help make a positive impact on your audience.

Products for the Working Musician, DJ and Producer

Those are just a few simple tips to help contribute to a successful live set. Whether you’re a DJ, electronic music producer or otherwise, Touch Innovations has a variety of products to help you take your performances and creations to the next level. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our cutting-edge music workstations, dj mixing software and more.