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How the Kontrol Master Can Improve Your Sessions, Part Two

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In part one of our blog series, we looked at a few examples of how the Kontrol Master can make for a better and more efficient studio experience. Whether you’re a beginning engineer or a long time industry professional, the Kontrol Master aims to improve the workflow and efficiency of DAW users all over the world. Concluding in part two of our blog series, here are just a few more reasons as to how the Kontrol Master can help improve your recording sessions.

One Knob To Rule Them All

The individual buttons on the Kontrol Master are able to provide you with shortcuts that can make running a DAW session efficient and easy. While those buttons alone make the Kontrol Master an essential tool for studio engineers everywhere that are working within the digital realm, but at Touch Innovations, we always strive to take things to the next level and provide our clients with truly unique and cutting edge products. If you look at the Kontrol Master, there’s also a center knob that gives you even more control over your sessions.

Easy to use and comfortable on your clicking hand, this knob is yet another reason why the Kontrol Master is such a great tool. While the buttons allow you to assign certain key commands to them, making complicated keystrokes a breeze, the center knob takes that approach towards some of the more tedious and fine-tuned aspects of working in a DAW. Part of learning how to record in a DAW means learning how to perform more exact tasks. When using an analog recording setup, the process was far more hands on. After a few times of practicing a certain maneuver, an engineer likely got the hang of it and would be able to perform it with ease. Whether if you’re trying to cue to a certain part of a song to punch in an overdub, zoom into a specific part of a waveform or skip ahead to the next transient, learning how to do so with a mouse and keyboard can be tricky, inconsistent and in some cases frustrating. The center knob on the Kontrol Master allows you to perform tasks like this with a hands-on level of ease that a simple mouse and keyboard cannot. No longer do you have to worry about guesswork or having to try the task again; the knob gives you more control than ever, allowing you to not only have sessions that are more efficient, but quicker as well, as you won’t be spending nearly as much time attempting the same task over and over.

Great For Drum Editing

Here and now in the digital age, recording a drum session has far more options than ever. With a variety of different styles and genres, different drummers require different approaches to both the engineering and mixing of their drum sessions. While some drummers may want a more organic and natural drum sound, many drummers today want the engineer to put as much work into the mix as they do engineering the overall performance. With this in mind, the Kontrol Master is a fantastic tool to use when editing drum tracks. If you’re going through a track, looking for specific drum hits to sample, the Kontrol Master makes it easy to navigate through a waveform precisely and quickly, getting you to the beginning or end of a transient, making for easy cutting and pasting. If you’re in a session that requires beat replacing, the Kontrol Master also works wonderfully, as it makes finding the waves that need to be replaced easier than ever, allowing you to go to them with just the touch of a dial or press of a button. Additionally, the Kontrol Master makes for precise and accurate commands, blending the hands-on feel and accuracy of old school recording technology with the reliability and infinite opportunities of working in a DAW.

DAW Controllers for Mac and PC

Those are just a few more examples of how our Kontrol Master can make for an easy and efficient studio experience. Touch Innovations works hard to provide products like the Kontrol Master for DJs, engineers, producers and musicians, making the process of creation not only easier, but also makes for a more unique and interesting output. Whether you’re in need of DAW controllers, music workstations, DJ controllers or otherwise, Touch Innovations has an array of products that are designed for the modern working musician, producer, engineer and creative type. To learn more about our DAW controllers and other products, get in touch with Touch Innovations today.