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Updates to the Emulator, Part One

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We at Touch Innovations will admit when we’ve made a mistake, but more than anything, we’ll do everything possible to fix these errors as quickly as possible. Our Emulator software had a few small issues that some of our users were experiencing in the past. We’ve listened to your suggestions and took note of them, and now we are proud to say that we’ve fixed them, making our latest version of Emulator stronger and more reliable than ever! In part one of this two part blog, we’ll look at some of the updates that we’ve given to the Emulator, allowing you to enjoy all the things that make the Emulator great, plus a few new updates to make it even better than before. Read on to find out more about the most recent updates to the Emulator.

Volume Issues Are Now Fixed!

When it comes to performing live for an audience of people who are eager to watch you perform a unique live show, all you want is for everything to be pulled off flawlessly. While outside factors are out of your control, your performance is something that you should be able to control, and if anything happens to affect your performance, you should be able to quickly correct it and recover, leaving your audience none the wiser to any minor flubs.

While we’re proud to say that the Emulator wasn’t causing any massive issues for its users, it had a few minor hiccups that we wanted to fix, one of them being an issue of volume. The Emulator had an issue in the past where songs would sometimes stop when you were adjusting the volume faders. While this wasn’t a consistent issue, it happened enough for us to look into it. The last thing that you want while performing in front of a crowd is to unexpectedly have the energy leave the room because of a small issue like this.Thankfully, we’ve fixed this minor problem, making it possible to make adjustments while a song plays without disturbing or disrupting your performance. You can now multitask freely without worrying about it unexpectedly killing the vibe. Keep rocking the party and stay steps ahead without having to be concerned about the energy coming to an abrupt halt!

That’s one of the issues that we’ve fixed with the most recent update of the Emulator. We’ve got more updates that we’ll fill you in on in part two of our blog series. Until then, remember that Touch Innovations is here to provide you with cutting edge DJ hardware, software, accessories for DAWs and more. We are DJs, musicians, and producers ourselves, giving us a thorough understanding of what professionals need. You want to stand apart from your competition, and Touch Innovations is here to provide you with products that will allow you to do so. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative DJ controllers, software and more!