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Advantages of DJing Digital, Part Three

In part two of our blog series, we looked at a few more ways that DJing digital formats can provide you with benefits over physical formats. Concluding in part three of this series, here are just a handful more examples of benefits that come with choosing digital over physical.

Be Current and In the Moment

No matter what gig you’re at, no matter what your tastes are, staying current is absolutely integral in the industry. Even if your interests aren’t identical to that of your audience, as we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, your taste isn’t always going to be what gets you gigs. Your ability to spin great records that make people dance is going to help you get more gigs. With that in mind, whether or not you have an interest in the most current hits or club favorites of the moment, your audience very likely does. If you’re DJing with CDs or LPs, this can be problematic.

Now more than ever, vinyl pressing takes far longer than it should. This has to do with an overall lack of record pressing plants in the US and, for the few that are in business, all of them are overloaded with work. With vinyl records making a gigantic comeback in the last few years, the demand for getting your album pressed on LP is far higher than it was even seven years ago. Because of this, songs hit radio and the internet long before they become available in physical form. Because of this, if you’re DJing with LPs, the chances of you being able to obtain a copy (or two for all you beat jugglers out there) of it on 12” in a timely manner may be more difficult than you realize. Conversely, DJing digitally makes staying current far easier. When a song hits the internet, you can hear it that morning and have it on your laptop or hard drive in a matter of seconds, ready to spin at the club or party that night. Staying current has never been easier!


This one is something that is certainly a touchy subject amongst DJs. How many of us have accidentally damaged a record we loved? Or accidentally left a crate in a hot car or next to a heater? I’m sure we all have our horror stories of having lost some of our favorite records, and in some cases, these records are irreplaceable. At Touch Innovations, we’re all about keeping it real, but we’re not about to put some of our most treasured records at risk of being damaged or destroyed in the name of authenticity. Digital formats, being intangible, don’t come with this risk, and if you end up losing a track, replacing it is as simple as downloading it again.

Is It Worth It?

At the end of the day, is DJing with physical formats really worth the effort? Yes, vinyl does have a specific sound to it, but when you’re playing in a really loud party or club, the chances of your audience appreciating the warmth of analog or hearing the intricacies of a song are far smaller than if you were playing records in a small, room by yourself.

These are just a few reasons why laptop DJing is more advantageous than DJing with physical formats. At Touch Innovations, our Elite controller gives you the control and options of a physical format with the convenience of a DJ mixer. Pair it with your favorite software and use our Elite controller as your own personal virtual dj mixer, allowing you to rock the party even better than you did before, with far more options to boot. For more information about our Elite Controller, Kontrol Master or other products, contact us at Touch Innovations today.