EliteMobile See-through Touch Display

The worlds most advanced DJ and Digital Performance system. A see through multi touch experience like no other.

Emulator 2Multi-Touch UI Designer

Create your dream controller for any software and make it multi touch. Supports MIDI, OSC, KeyCommands and more.

Template StorePre-Made Multi-Touch Templates

Select from dozens of pre-made multi touch templates. Even upload and sell your very own creative template.

Kontrol MasterErgonomic Workflow Enhancing Controller

Hover, Control & Create! Experience unlimited control with one single knob across any software including all major DAWs.


Mauricio Lizcano
Mauricio LizcanoTouchInnovation Customer
"I love my Kontrol Master! I love the way it looks and feels!
Everything from the quality of the buttons and knob, to it's beautiful design."
DJ Q-Bert
DJ Q-BertDj / Producer
"On stage I just use two turntables, mixer & laptop, but in the lab I got a gang o' gear! This lil gadget helps with the work flow! I love how you can just move your mouse over something then control it. No wonder they got all them awards!"
Charles Miles
"My biggest client is Walt Disney World. They expect the DJs to be a little more advanced when it comes to the gear, music and interaction during performances. It feels good to have a piece of gear that is totally advanced beyond your standard turntable or midi controller. We market our ELITE touchscreen to clients that want something different. It's all about the WOW factor!"
Dr. Drax
"Emulator Elite is the central focus of my entertainment companies. The quality of the entire system is amazing. What is even more amazing is doing a full production event arriving with just my ELITE hardware, plugging into the provided sound system, rockin' the house & when it’s over being gone in 15 min. This system is one of the best investments I have ever made. I earned back that investment in just 4 events. If you’re wanting to elevate your presence, have everyone amazed at watching you mix, this is the platform for you."
DJ R15
"The Emulator ELITE brings the wow factor and sets me apart from the competition. It gives me the ability to customize the decks with clients logos and their brand colors. Being an Emulator dj gives me the ability to create a user interface to what ever I need to control, such as dmx lights, fog machines and music videos. Currently I control all my shows from the Emulator ELITE system including my laser cage."
Derek Tarpey
"I have been DJing for years, so I have seen many pieces of equipment come and go. Each has changed how I work as a DJ. but the Emulator has had more of an impact on my business, the audience and me as a DJ, than any other equipment I’ve ever owned. At almost every event, someone has walked over and said “That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.” We have clients seek us out because of Emulator."
Michaël Romero
Michaël RomeroTouchInnovation Customer
"I'm in love with my KM! A real knob is a pure happiness. The arcade button are perfect, very precise and with a short response time. The orange buttons are magic, good idea!"
Dave Aude
Dave AudeDj / Producer
"An Awesome idea to the Audacious Studio" 
Chris Cox
Chris CoxDj / Producer
"This can be customized to control any parameter of any software, less mouse clicking pain"
Junior Sanchez
Junior SanchezDj / Producer
"You can literally control anything/everything on your DAW with ONE knob by simply hovering your mouse over where you want to control"